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What are Penis Rings and what are they used for ?

The PENIS RINGS are the most sought after sex toy by men as they help to improve erections, maintaining firmness for longer. It retains the blood flowing to the penis in the area where we place it, which makes the erection more durable, firmer and thus make the sexual act last longer. Do not worry that it does not cut the circulation, it only slows it down so that the erection lasts longer.

These rings are placed around the penis, at the base or the testicles. Placing them around the testicles will put pressure on the perineum, which will help delay ejaculation.

In Donna Sex Shop your cheap online store we have a wide variety of rings for the penis, plus the best prices you'll find on the net. Consult with us and we will help you choose your sex toy.

We have from the simplest rings such as the model Powering super flexible and resistant of 3'5 cm, the Colt set 3 rings penis and testicles with three rings of 8cm, 7cm and 6cm, the 4cm Potenz Plus medium penis ring white 4cm, as well as other more sophisticated models such as the one Addicted Toys penis ring with anal plug which works with remote control and the metal rings such as the 4cm, which Metalhard metal ring for penis and testicles of 4cm, the ones used only for the testicles as well as the ones Stainless steel testicle ring of different sizes.

How to use the penis rings?

For a more comfortable and easy insertion, the penis must be in a state of erection, especially with non-elastic rings as inserting the ring with the penis fully erect will make the task more complicated and uncomfortable. If we are going to use our ring with a condom, placing it in an intermediate state will not be possible, so in that case we should opt for flexible rings.

When using the rings we have to take into account that there are several types of rings:

The simplest are a circle of different materials which are almost always elastic, there are also steel ones, in which we will introduce the penis or the testicles. We will putthem at the base of the penis to produce an accumulation of blood in that area and thus cause the penis to grow in size and thickness.

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The double rings are used to press simultaneously the penis and testicles which will provide greater firmness and duration in erections and a more intense orgasm by exerting pressure on the testicles.

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The special rings which serve to stimulate more than one area of your body at the same time, such as those with an anal plug for more intense orgasms.

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Tips for using the rings.

-The time of use is something very important because it should not exceed 30 minutes in a row as it is causing a slowing of blood circulation.

-If a condom is used, first put the condom and then the penis ring on top of it.

-To avoid discomfort, it is advisable to use a water-based lubricant to put the ring and at the moment of removing it.

-It is advisable to remove the ring before reaching the climax to have a good ejaculation.

-After use, clean the ring with a specific cleaning product for sex toys or with water and neutral soap.

How to choose the size of the ring?

In our cheap online store you will find rings for the penis of different sizes, choose one that does not squeeze you because you could hurt yourself, it is necessary that you know what are the measures of the penis in erection and if you do not know choose a model of elastic material such as silicone that can stretch enough to get a perfect fit to each diameter of penis.

To choose the most suitable size, subtract 3 to 5 mm from the diameter of your penis. For example, if the diameter of the penis is 4.3 cm, the size of the ring should be 3.8 cm - 4 cm.

If the rings are made of more resistant or hard materials, such as metal, we recommend choosing a size that allows the penis to be somewhat loose to avoid chafing the penis.

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The most important thing of all is to feel comfortable and enjoy this experience in a natural way.

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