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What are Vibrating Balls and how are they used?

Vibrating bullets are one of the sex toys preferred by women, because of their small size, since they can be carried in your purse or even in your pants pocket, and because of their different vibration intensities, which will make it possible to reach orgasm in just a few minutes.

They usually measure no more than 10 centimeters and are equipped with a powerful motor to achieve a more effective vibration. They all have different vibration intensities that you can modify as the degree of arousal increases.

You can use them alone or as a couple and serve to stimulate the clitoris and some other erogenous zones such as the breasts or the peritoneal area.

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bala vibrante satisfyer

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Las mejores Balas Vibrantes

How to use a vibrating bullet?

All vibrating bullets have a power button which in some cases also serve to vary the intensity of vibration, others have two buttons + and - to vary the intensity.

We put it into operation and to enhance the sensations we apply a little bit of water-based lubricant which will facilitate its displacement to travel through your body for all your erogenous zones. Start with a soft intensity to caress your ears, neck, until you reach your nipples and then increase the intensity to go down your groin, rub your vaginal lips and reach your clitoris, your favorite area, caress it with the tip of your vibrating bullet and you will reach one of your best orgasms!!!

In the case of men we recommend that you use them to stimulate the testicles and perineum (where you have a multitude of nerve endings). You can stimulate the glans penis with your hand and use the vibrating bullet to stimulate the testicles and perineum, the climax will be very intense. You should never use a vibrating bullet for anal penetration because sex toys for this practice must have a safety stopper to be able to remove it easily.

When you finish using your sex toy, wash it with water and neutral soap and save it for the next occasion, either alone or in company!

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