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Chinese / Kegel balls

What are Chinese balls?

The Chinese balls are a mechanism formed by two balls joined by a cord, which contain inside small weights that move freely and collide with the walls of the outer ball while walking or doing strength practicing Kegel exercises (exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent problems such as urinary incontinence).

Just this strength of the pelvic muscles is what makes you have better sexual experiences and we explain why:

They improve blood circulation in the area, which increases the level of lubrication.

Increases the sensitivity of the area, providing more intense orgasms.

At Donna Sex Shop we have one of the best offers of Chinese balls, both for our variety of products and our unbeatable prices in the online sale of sex toys . Contact us and we will advise you and help you with whatever you need.

Our different models vary depending on weight, size and if they are remote controlled. Among them we have the Lelo Insignia Hula Ball Deep Rose, Lelo Insignia Hula Ball Black, Lelo Insignia Hula Ball Blue, are the first pleasure spheres with simultaneous rotation and vibration controlled by remote control that provide the most exciting pleasures at the touch of a button, submersible, rechargeable and with 8 models of rotation.

We also have simpler and more economical models such as the Je Joue-Ami Kegel Balls (in three different colors) and Svakom Nova Kegel BallsAll these models contain three different models of weights and sizes of balls so you can go exercising your pelvic floor according to your needs.

If what you want is a Chinese balls with which the extractor thread is not left outside we have the Joy Balls Secret model which has a patented extractor loop that is discreetly hidden inside your body.

How to use the Chinese balls?

To start using your Chinese balls the first time you must sterilize them by soaking them in boiling water for ten minutes. The following times that you use them we will wash them with water and neutral soap before inserting them into the vagina.

The way to use the Chinese balls is very simple, we will put a little bit of lubricant on the tip of the first ball and introduce it into the vagina pushing inward and placing them behind the muscle, if they have two together we will push one and then the other. We will leave the extractor thread out of our vagina to be able to extract the balls at the end.

When we stand up and start walking, gravity will do its job and the balls will fall down by their own weight, we will contract the muscle unconsciously to prevent them from falling and thus we will be doing the exercise to strengthen our pelvic floor.

Another way to use the Chinese balls is doing the Kegel exercises, we will lie on the bed face up or sitting, we will pull with one hand the extraction cord and with our muscles we will try to prevent them from coming out, this is a way to strengthen our muscles to prevent urine leakage, menstrual cramps and havemore intense orgasms.

We recommend using them progressively, first for 15 minutes and then we will go to 30 minutes. If we notice discomfort the day after using them, we will take a couple of days of rest before using them again.

To extract them, pull the thread that you have on the outside little by little, wash them with water and neutral soap or with a cleaning product for sex toys and keep them in their bag or box so that they do not get dirt from the outside and thus keep them in perfect condition for longer.

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