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What are Prostatic Stimulators and how to use them?

What is a Prostate Stimulator?

It is no secret that one of the most important pleasure points for men is found in the prostate. Known as the P-spot, this place almost as mythical as the female G-spot, when properly stimulated, makes the man reach maximum pleasure.

This anal sex toy has a curved front curved front part to press on the perineumwhich is the area from behind the scrotum to the anus, and is comfortable to use in almost any position except sitting.

The Prostate Stimulators are toys that do not have a very thick diameter, so penetration will not represent any pain. The curvature of its tip is designed to reach and massage perfectly the prostate where the P-spot is located.

They are made with soft materials so that they slide in a more delicate way. To begin with, you should always use the prostate stimulators with an anus lubricator. lubricantRemember that the anus does not lubricate, so you must help it.

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Here we leave you several of these models:

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager Ocean Blue offers deep prostate massages, while a secondary motor at the base stimulates the perineum to add overwhelming excitement.

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Addicted Toys Rechargeable Prostate Vibrator This massager can be used during masturbation, or in sexual play to increase erection and orgasm.

masajeador  estimulador de próstata

How to use Prostate Massagers?

*If you are curious about where your P-spot is located, you can manually locate it with either your finger or your partner's finger. The prostate area is extremely sensitive generating enormous pleasure to the man, so the prostate stimulators become an ideal toy to enjoy alone or as a couple.

*This type of sex toys are used for anal penetration. anal penetrationThis type of sex toys are used for anal penetration, as it is the way in which the prostate can be easily accessed. They are ideal for those men who enjoy pleasure without taboos or fears so the first key to learn how to use a prostate stimulator is to open your mind, relax and enjoy.

* Use the prostate stimulator to penetrate slowly, do not go with force or violence, much less if you are not used to it. It is important to breathe and relax the muscles of the whole body and also the anal muscles, if you tense you will be decreasing the chances of enjoying.

* It does not matter if it is your partner who takes control of the prostate stimulator or you do it yourself, it is essential that the movement is smooth, a delicate massage that will change to more intense as you want it.

*With a good lubricant, softness and desire to enjoy, you will be able to use the prostate stimulators to perfection and achieve pleasure.

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