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Male Masturbator Egg

What is and how to use the Masturbator Egg ?

The masturbator egg is a sex toy for men to enjoy the pleasure alone or with your partner.

The masturbator eggs consist of a plastic shell in which when you open it you will find an elastic and flexible cover with a smooth and soft finish on the outside and a finish with relief on the inside. Inside this case you will find an envelope of lubricant.

In Donna Sex Shop your online store, we have a wide variety of models and brands at the best prices, such as TENGA brand, which offers a wide range of masturbator eggs with different interior textures with which you can choose the level of stimulation you want.

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Let's move on to the most interesting part and that is how to use it.

To do this we will remove the plastic wrapper, open our masturbator egg and remove the envelope inside. water-based lubricantWhen we take out the gel, we will find a hole inside the egg, this is where we will later insert the penis.

Apply the lubricant inside the egg and around the edge of the hole so that when you insert the penis the sensation is softer and more pleasurable, now it's time for action. Insert the penis through the hole of the masturbator egg and start moving up and down, do not worry about the size, it is made of a very flexible material which adapts to any size penis.

Enjoy the pleasurable sensations it provides, you decide your own pace.

The only thing left to do is to clean our masturbator egg with soap and water or with a specific cleaning product specific for sex toys, to be able to keep it and use it more than once.

If you want to use it to play with your partner, turn the egg upside down and with the rough inside you can give him pleasure by rubbing it on his erogenous parts, so both of you will enjoy!

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