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Vibrating Eggs

What are Vibrating Eggs and how are they used?

The Vibrating Eggs are the best way to start in the world of vibrators, its easy handling and small size make this product is among the favorites of women.

In Donna Sex Shop we have a wide catalog, we have them with remote control to choose the intensity of vibration, as the Rithual Priya Masturbator Egg with G-Spot + Vibration System; Unique exclusive system designed solely for the stimulation of the g-spot and simultaneous rotation, you can also use it in the shower because it is submersible.


Other models of vibrating egg that we have in our online store Donna sexshop are those that do not have remote control, which are turned on and manipulate the intensities from a switch from the device itself, such as Pretty Love Smart Julius vibrating egg which has 12 vibration modes and is submersible.

huevo vibrador para mujer juguete sexual

The most important features that make this sex toy one of the most sought after in online shopping are its small size and how quiet they are (you can play with your partner anywhere without anyone knowing).All vibrating eggs have a thread with which you can stretch to remove it from the vagina.

que es un huevo vibradorcomo se usa un huevo vibrador

How to use the vibrating egg

To enjoy a good vaginal stimulation, insert the egg into the vagina and turn on the vibration system. You will begin to feel sensations that will make you reach climax in just a few minutes. You can play with the intensities and with the position of the toy on your body, pass it over your breasts, your clitoris, your testicles... any erogenous zone... You choose!

Another of the utilities of the vibrating egg is that it serves to make your pelvic floor strong and toned as before with Kegel exercises, you only have to use it a few minutes a day to start noticing its effects: better and longer orgasms, prevention of urine leakage and increased natural lubrication.

If you have any doubt about what kind of sex toy to buy, please contact our store.

We will advise you on which product best suits your needs.

Our shipments are fast and discreet.

The best prices in erotic toys.

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