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How to do a good Erotic Massage?

The application of a good erotic massage has many benefits for the sexual life of a couple. Being touched by that person without getting to intercourse immediately, opens the mind to a game of seduction that awakens unparalleled sensations.

A good erotic massage has countless benefits such as :

. It increases sexual desire in both members of the couple.

. Stimulates the erogenous zones before sexual intercourse.

. Decreases body aches and pains.

. Improves the connection with your partner.

. Breaks the routine.

To give a good erotic massage to our partner we don't have to be experts, we can do it in a simple way using our imagination.

How to prepare it step by step

1 Create a good atmosphere, before starting, it is ideal to prepare the environment so that our partner knows that he/she will have a special moment.

Place several aromatic candles or incense around the room and play relaxing music at a soft volume.

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2 Use erotic massage oils, scented gels with pheromones and even flavored lubricantseven choose a massage oil with the aroma that you like, by spraying them on the skin of our partner we can slide more easily our hands, the key to a good massage is the oil. In Donna Sex Shop we have a great variety of oils and creams for massage at the best price.

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3 Try different textures, caress with your hands until a certain moment, then you can move on to using your lips, tongue... it is also ideal to try objects with different textures such as rose petals, feathers and soft fabrics.

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4 Recognize their erogenous zones, we must learn to recognize the erogenous zones of our partner to raise their arousal, caress parts of their body such as the groin and buttocks, scalp, back, around the navel and intimate areas.

Now let's get down to work

1 Tell your partner to lie on his or her stomach and sit on top of his or her buttocks, warm the oil in your hands before spreading the massage oil in your hands before spreading it on her back from the buttocks upwards.

2 Focus on her back first, then her neck and shoulders, then move down to her buttocks and massage that area with circular motions from the inside out.

3 You can also use a massage candle which you will have to have on for a while beforehand to be able to pour the hot oil in, the contrast of the heat will help to relax her muscles.

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4 Moving on to the legs, focus on massaging the inside of the legs well. It is a very sensitive area that she will surely love to touch and you can casually rub her genitals, which will increase her arousal.

5 Next we will focus on the feet, feet are potentially erogenous zones and include sexual stimulation points related to the genitals.

6 You are going to finish the massage on the feet by slightly opening the legs, the other person will understand at that moment what is coming next and we will go up the inside of the legs until we reach the genital area.

7 Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment, maybe it ends in oral sex, or any other sexual practice, you never know.

Performing an erotic massage can help you change your routine and that of your partner, get out of the monotony, create a more intense experience or simply allow you to try new practices.

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