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What are Male Masturbators and how are they used?

The male masturbators are designed to look and feel like very real vaginas, mouths and anuses, made of medical silicone materials of great softness and realistic texture, which help to intensify male arousal.

You can use them as a couple to turn up the heat in your sexual encounters and get out of the routine or to enjoy alone.

These contain inside different textures (rough, striated, with reliefs ...) with which to stimulate the penis providing exciting sensations with which to reach climax more easily.

In Donna SexShop your online store you will find a wide range of male masturbators at the best prices and a great variety of products in this category. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions when choosing your sex toy.

Types of male masturbators and how to use them

On our website you will find all the options for you to discover new sensations of pleasure, both to try alone and to enjoy as a couple. Among the male masturbators you can choose from, we show you this small classification.

Suction Effect Masturbators

This type of toy has a rigid outer part and inside is the silicone masturbator sleeve with different textures to choose different sensations, always removable for cleaning.

In the upper part there is a hole which we will uncover first to introduce the penis, once the penis is introduced we will cover or uncover this hole to achieve the vacuum effect and the desired suction . There are also those with an electronic device with which to graduate the suction to taste.

At Donna Sex Shop we have a wide variety of products such as the Tenga Masturbator Squeeze Tube Cup hard its soft casing allows you to manipulate the pressure during use, Satisfyer Men Kinky Waves Sleeve waves of pleasure and unique suction.

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Masturbators with suction, vibration and heat effect.

These male masturbators have a series of buttons with which you can control the degree of suction, vibration and heat as you need at all times. Inside they have different textures, for the trunk and glans, which will increase the pleasure.

The design of these masturbators is more focused on experiencing sensations than having a realistic appearance, but all its features (suction, vibration and heat) make it simulate vaginal penetration or oral sex in a very pleasurable way.

In our online store Donna SexShop you will find models such as the Satisfyer Men One with an innovative inner pressure regulator achieves an intense or gentle vacuum and a unique air cushion surrounds the soft inner casing, providing even greater pleasure, Lelo F1S V2 Masturbator with SDK Technology with a flexible inner sleeve, a wider range of sonic intensities and four pulsation patterns.

buy Lelo male masturbator

All these male masturbators are made of silicone, so it is necessary that you use them with a water-based lubricant, do not use them with another type of lubricant because you can ruin the toy.

Another very important thing is to clean your sex toy before and after each use, take out the silicone part (masturbator sleeve) and wash it with water and neutral soap or with an erotic toy cleaner.

Masturbation helps us to learn to know, explore and discover ourselves individually. It does not always have to be alone, masturbating with our partner is a very satisfying way to get to know our tastes and to be able to share them.

Los mejores masturbadores masculinos

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