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Vibrating Rings

What is a Vibrating Ring and how is it used?

The Penis Rings are one of the most pleasurable sex toys that you will find in our Donna SexShop Online, with the vibrating rings you can also stimulate the clitoris, which we already know is usually a direct passport to the "seventh orgasm" of women.

What is a vibrating ring?

A vibrating ring is a sex toy made with elastic and soft materials, which is designed to surround the penis at the base so that it retains the blood in that area, thus improving the duration of the erection and providing more intense and lasting sexual intercourse.

These rings have a vibrating bullet inside which provide greater pleasure to women as it increases the stimulation of the clitoris and the outer lips and the man to be at the base of the penis testicles.

In Donna Sex Shop we have a wide variety of vibrating rings, on the one hand you will find the simplest rings such as the ring SATISFYER VIBRATING RING 2 which is submersible and includes two batteries of 30 minutes each, the ring with 20 speeds and USB rechargeable Intense Oto with 20 speeds and rechargeable by USB and the ring which is battery Fifty Shades Of Grey which is battery operated and comes with a satin pouch.

On the other hand you will also find more fun models with bunny heads, small tongues, butterflies... these are some of them Happy Rabbit , Fantasy C-Ringz and Coquette Cock Ring Butterfly.

How to use a vibrating ring?

To place the ring you only have to pass the ring through the penis and lower it to the base, you have to place the vibrating bullet on top so that with the penetration this vibration stimulates the clitoris and so you can feel a great pleasure with your partner.

We give you some recommendations for the use of your vibrating ring:

Place your ring when your penis is still flaccid or not very erect, better if the hair is shaved so that no hair gets caught.

When using a condom, place the ring on top of the condom and add a few drops of water-based lubricant This will make it slide down easier and you will be able to take it off more easily.

Do not use the ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

If you have any blood clotting pathology, do not use this toy.

Remove your ring before reaching orgasm.

When you finish, wash your vibrating ring with neutral soap or with a specific soap for sex toys. cleaning product specific soap for sex toys and store it until next time.

Vibrating Rings Collection

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