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Do you know what the G-spot is?

Do you know what the G-spot is?

The G-spot is an erogenous zone which is located inside our vagina, it is not in a specific place that we can activate and deactivate whenever we want, you must find it by yourself to know where to give you pleasure.

It is located at the front of the vaginal wall, about three to five centimeters from the entrance of the vagina.

It is a wide space with rough and spongy tissue that is composed of nerve endings that when stimulated you will feel the urge to urinate, which will pass in a few seconds and that is when you will begin to notice pleasurable sensations.

At Donna Sex Shop we have a wide variety of lubricants G-spot vibrators One of them is the Lavish Attentionwhich is a double G-spot and clitoral stimulator from the Fifty Shades Freed Collection. It is submersible and has seven vibration modes and three speeds.

comprar estimulador punto G

The best way to stimulate the G-spot is to use a curved sex toy , with a specific angle to stimulate it.

You can use your G-spot stimulator vibrator alone or in company, one more way to enjoy playing with your partner.

posiciones para estimular el punto g

Here we recommend some of the best positions to stimulate the G-spot, having the penis in more direct contact with this area.

The woman is positioned on all fours with her arms in front of her head. The man kneels behind her and grabs her hips.

THE AMAZON The man is comfortably seated on a chair. The woman straddles him so she can control the degree of penetration.

THE SNAIL She, lying on her back, her legs folded over his chest and her feet resting on his shoulders. In the snail position, the man, kneeling on top of her, can penetrate her deeply, so it is important to use a lubricant so that it is not uncomfortable for the woman.

qué es el punto G ?

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